1986-1987 Fellows

Leni Alves Ferreira: Brazil

She is a professional manager in environmental planning and quality control for the Environmental Sanitation technology Company (CETESB) in Sao Paulo, a public owned agency similar to the U.S Environmental Protection Agency. She has responsibility for management of research on land use control criteria for environmental protection. 

Ms Alves Ferreira holds a Bachelor's Degree and Teaching Certification (1967) and an M.A 91968) in geography from the University of Sao Paulo.

Andrew Amean: Papua New Guinea

He is an economist and Senior Projects Manager for the National Department for Finance and Planning. He has responsibility for design, implementation and evaluation of regional and provincial development projects, especially in rural areas. 

Mr. Amean holds a B.A in Economics (1984) from the University of PNG and a Certificate in regional Planning (1985) from the United Nations Development Centre for Regional Development in Japan.

Yvonne Falconer: Jamaica

She is in charge of personnel and industrial relations for the Airports Authority of Jamaica, with special responsibilities for project and resource management. She has collaborated on social science investigative projects on workers attitudes and other topics. 

Ms. Falconer holds a Teachers Certificate (1966) from Mico Teachers College, and a B.Sc in Social Administration (1978) from the University of West Indies, Kingston.

Warucu Gathoga: Kenya

She heads the foreign exchange department at the Harambee Avenue Branch of the National Bank of Kenya, in Nairobi. She is an officer in the Zonta Club of Nairobi Milimani, an excutive women's service organization. 

Ms. Gathoga holds a B.A in Education (1976) from the University of Nairobi, and is working toward an A.I.B Diploma in Banking from the Institute of Bankers, London. She is also enrolled for a Bachelor in Law Degree with the University of London, as an external student.

Passmore .P.M Hamukoma: Zambia

He is Head of Manpower Planning for Zambia Consolidated Copper Mines (ZCCM) Ltd, He was involved in the design and implementation of a computerized personnel information system for Nchanga Copper Mines Ltd, and in rationalizing the organizational structures of two mining companies during their merger into ZCCM, Ltd. 

Mr. Hamukoma hold a B.A Ed. (1978) from the University of Zambia, and an M.Sc in System Development (1982) from Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland.

Xing Huang: China

He is a Program Officer for North America and Oceania in the Department of International Cooperation of the State Science and Technology Commission, which oversees China's scientific and technological development. He coordinates governmental cooperation and exchange in science and technology, and the study of U.S research and development and technology policy.

Mr. Huang holds a Diploma in English from the Beijing University of Foreign Studies.

Zulfiqar Khan: Pakistan

He is an Assistant Manager in the Technical Acquisition Division of Pakistan International Airlines. He is responsible for commercial procurement contracts in the U.S, Europe and the Far East. He has negotiated major purchasing contracts for the airline. Mr. Khan holds a B. Com in Accounting (1971) from the University of Punjab, and a B.B.A (1975) and M.B.A (1976) in Marketing and Finance from the University of Karachi.

Alan Kyerematen: Ghana

He is a consultant in the Management and Productivity Institute (MDPI), providing consultancy services on business, policy analysis, corporate planning, organizational development and control, and human resource development. He has also worked for UAC of Ghana, Ltd, subsidiary of Unilever International. 

Mr. Kyerematen holds a B.A (Hons) in Economics (1976) from the University of Ghana, and a Barrister-at-Law certification (1984) from the Ghana School of Law.

Pedro Marques: Portugal

He is a Financial and Administrative Manager for Fabrica Portugal, where he is responsible for negotiation of the company debt, coordination of finances of affiliated companies, organization, direction and control of general and cost accounting, data processing, treasury, credit control, accounts receivable and payable, personnel, purchasing and sales. 

Mr. Marques holds a Licenciatura in Business Administration (1970) from the Higher Institute of Economics, Lisbon.

Hugo Montero: Ecuador

He is the General Personnel Manager for R.J. Reynolds and Co, in charge of human resource administration, including planning, programming, control and development of training, recruitment and selection, and human resource programs. He is currently assisting his government to adopt performance management systems for government institutions. 

Dr. Montero holds a Licenciatura in Industrial Psychology (1977) and an Ed.D (1984) from the Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador.

Albert Nand: Fiji

He is a Training and Personnel Manager for the Fiji Times Ltd, where he in charge of training and personnel functions. His responsibilities include Total Quality Control and Quality Control Circles, in which he specializes. Mr. Nand has worked as a financial analyst for Citibank, N.A, and is an associate of the New Zealand Institute of Management. 

He holds a B.A in Administration and Accounting (1980) from the University of South Pacific.

Sribang-Orn Nokdhes: Thailand

She is on the staff of the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) specializing in management, training and organizational development. She is currently an analyst in the corporate planning office, which is responsible for the overall organizational planning of EGAT.

She holds a B. Econ degree (1972) from Chulalongkorn University and a Master of Public Administration degree (1976) from the National Insititute of Development Administration, Bangkok. Jana Grace Ricasio: Philippines

Jana Grace Ricasio: Philippines

She is a Division Chief for Project Economics and Evaluation in the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA), the national planning ministry, and supervises post-project appraisal. 

Ms. Ricasio holds a B. Sc in Business Economics (1975) and a Certificate in Development Economics (1976) from the University of the Philipines and an M.A in Development Economics (1979) from the Williams College, Massachusetts.

Bernardo Schneiderman: Brazil

He is a Senior Planning Engineer in the Satellite Communications Department of EMBRATEL, the key national communications agency of Brazil. His department develops short and long term applications of satellite communications technology. He has been involved in the long term telecommunications planning for Brazil's cities and has worked abroad as a consultant. 

Mr. Schneiderman's training is in Business Administration (1976) and Electrical Engineering (1978).

Rene-Athanase Tohon: Benin

He is the Director of the Department of Industrial Projects in the Ministry of Planning and Statistics, where he oversees feasibility studies for projects in Benin. Mr. Tohon has taught financial planning and project analysis at the National Institute of Economics since 1980. 

He holds a B.Econ (1975) from the University of Grenoble, and diplomas in Industrial Planning and Project Analysis (1978) and Financial Development Systems (1979) from the University of Paris.