1997-1998 Fellows

Majid Farid Amad: Palestine National Authority

She has her degree in Sociology and Social Work. She works with the National Democratic Institute (NDI) for International Affairs as coordinator and moderator. As a moderator for NDI she promotes civil society she promotes civil society and democracy. She also works as a psychotherapist with different organizations, promoting individual and family social welfare of Palestinians. She will focus her Humphrey program, on public health policies and management and implementation of a program in the field of mental health, with particular concern to women and children. Upon her return home she hopes to make significant inroads at the Ministry of Health.

F. Eugenio M. Arcanjo: Brazil

He is a lawyer and legislative advisor to the Brazilian Senate. He is responsible for providing legal advice on international environmental law and intellectual property rights. He coordinates legislative drafting related to the Access to Genetic Resources Bill, which includes controversial issues about binding regulations on bioprospection contracts, agricultural genetic resources and the creation of a legal system to protect indigenous people's rights. He will dedicate his Humphrey year to studying and analyzing options for elaborating such legislation and understanding of international and North American policies.

Marie Yves Michel B. Canal: Haiti

He is a lawyer and has obtained degrees in management and economics. He achieved a DESS (specialized graduate diploma-master's degree equivalency) from the University of Paris XI (France) in Public Enterprise Law. He is the new director of the Entrepreneurship and Industrial Development Division in the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. As a Humphrey Fellow, he will study economic development with a focus on small business development. Upon his return home, he will concentrate on a special program for small business and a master plan document for small ventures such as marketing, information services and regulations proposals.

Frederick Martin Stephen Egonda-Ntende: Uganda

He is a Judge of the High Court of Uganda, chairman of the judicial training committee and a member of the faculty of judiciary's judicial education programs. As a member of the faculty for judicial education he is responsible for designing and delivering judicial education programs to judicial officers to enhance their skills, knowledge and awareness of current issues. He will dedicate his Humphrey Fellowship to enhancing his skills, knowledge and awareness of developments in other jurisdictions. Upon his return home he plans to be a more effective judicial educator and judge, contributing to the development of an effective and efficient system of administration of justice in Uganda.

Nafeth Yassin El Madhoun: Palestine National Authority

He is a lawyer and legal advisor for the Palestinian legislative council legal department. He is responsible for providing legislative and legal advice to the council members on subjects related to commercial and trade law. He would like to develop skills in legislative process and international dispute resolution, negotiation, mediation and arbitration in order to improve the commercial section of the legal department.

Sarah Minunga Ewumbe Monono: Cameroon

She is an attorney in the Central High Court and Court of the First Instance, Ministry of Justice, Yaounde. As a deputy sales counsel, she heads the public liberties division and also acts as a prosecutor. She has also occupied several administrative positions in public organizations. During her year as a Humphrey Fellow, she intends to focus on the development of human rights law in the area of children and women's protection, the administration of juvenile courts and the functioning of courts in a democratic society. Upon her return home she plans to position herself as an authority in social justice and human rights.

Allan Paul Magat Flake: Philippines

He is the Director for social development in the Office of the President, with responsibility in policy formulation, strategic management and conflict resolution and negotiation. His interest during his Fellowship Year is to concentrate on public administration, particularly as it relates to public policy analysis and planning, strategic management of public organizations, decision-making process, and all issues related to social policies. He will apply these skills in his work back home to make a difference in serving public interest.

Leah Adda Gwiyo: Kenya

She holds the position of Under Secretary in the Office of the President , with the major responsibility of monitoring decentralization of planning development. She would like to use her Humphrey Fellowship Year to acquire more experience in public administration and management, with a specific focus on public policy analysis and implementation, project formulation implementation, comparative development strategies and international relations. These skills will enable her to successfully implement the decentralization planning process in her government and contribute to the development of other strategies and policies.

Gertrude Iranganie Hewapathirana: Sri Lanka

She is an economist with a master's degree in Business administration. As Managing Director of the Business Management Bureau Lanka, she works directly with the business community, especially influencing women in rural villages to develop the ability to earn additional incomes through small business development. She would like to focus her Humphrey program to further her knowledge of chamber of commerce and development and het exposure to a more advanced business community. She expects to develop networks with similar International Chambers of Commerce to exchange resources and share experiences. This will help her in her efforts to further develop the businesses community of Sri Lanka, especially in relation to women in business.

Heeseok Kim: Korea

He has a bachelor and master's degree in public administration. His master's thesis is about the dynamics of policy implementation and policy succession. He has worked as Director of Investigation Division, Security Division, Institute of Crime and Security, and is now engaged with the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency. During his Humphrey Year, he will focus on international crime prevention policy, integration information systems and cooperation with law enforcement organizations. He is especially interested in effective policy development in his field. Mr. Kim intends to apply the knowledge acquired during his Fellowship Year to accelerate the solutions of problems.

Rizine Mzikamanda: Malawi

He is a lawyer and serves as Senior Deputy Registrar for the Malawi Judiciary in Lilongwe. He is a judicial officer and a judicial administrator engaged in the management of courts. New democratic changes in Malawi have necessitated extensive and far reaching legal and judicial reforms. He would like to use his Humphrey year to prepare himself with better skills in public policy formulation, analysis and administration to be able to make valuable contributions in solving problems caused by the reforms in the court system. He aims to acquire new leadership skills and to improve his skills in legal research.

Renata Polaskova: Slovakia

She is a Senior Counselor in the Migration Office, Ministry of Interior; Slovak Republic. The growth of migration in the central and eastern European region is caused by the opening of national borders, by the economic changes related to the transition toward market economies and the dissolution of the former Soviet Union and Yugoslavia. As a senior counselor, she is responsible for cooperation with relevant international organizations, and development of relations with neighboring countries in the field of refuge matters. She will use her fellowship year to improve her skills in policy of international relations and implementation of human rights.

Marc Terence Anthony Thorne: Trinidad and Tobago

He is a lawyer and Assistant Solicitor General in the Office of Attorney General. He is called upon to represent the state in all types of civil suits and he has exhibited a special interest in human rights. During Mr. Thorne's Humphrey Fellowship year he intends to equip himself with skills necessary to develop policy regarding legislation for the equality of the physically impaired in Trinidad and Tobago. He will also dedicate his time to human rights and the legal issues affecting the rehabilitation of the physically challenged.

Felix Ulloa: El Salvador

He is a lawyer with the responsibility of magistrate in the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, one of the most important keys to holding a good election. He is interested in how citizens behave in elections are various levels. As a Humphrey Fellow he would like to improve his skills in public administration, especially the organization of a representative democracy. He intends to apply his new skills in the modernization of the El Salvador government.

Jeanne-Marie Zongo: Burkina Faso

She holds a diploma in executive assistance and a degree in English. She works as an office manager for the Office of Population Council in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso's capital. She is in charge of administrative, personnel and financial management. Before joining the Council she worked with USAID, where she gained experience in project management. Ms. Zongo will focus her Humphrey program on organizational development and management with particular emphasis on human resource development. Upon her return home she will use her newly acquired skills to strengthen the management of the office, assist in the development of the programs for the growth of the organization and contribute substantially to the overall development of her country.