1999-2000 Fellows

Raymond Chukwunyere Ihuoma: Nigeria

Detective Superintendent of Police, Failed Banks Inquiry, Force CID in Lagos

He coordinates the investigation of fraud and financial irregularities in failed and distressed banks and other financial institutions in Nigeria. During the Humphrey year, he would like to familiarize himself with the latest policies, theoretical models and practical approaches of the U.S in countering bank fraud and other international financial crimes.

Amanuel Andebrhan Asghedon: Eritrea

Head of Planning and Statistics and Acting Public Relations Officer, Ministry of Energy and Mines

He is involved in the establishment of a national energy and Mineral Information Centre which will be used for research, planning and policy design. During his Humphrey year, he hopes to improve his planning and communication skills, as well as knowledge of applied economics and resource management.

Charity Tatah Mentan Funfe: Cameroon

Assistant Research Officer, Legal Affairs, Ministry of Agriculture

She is a legal advisor involved with many NGO's. She is interested in agricultural policies and the promotion of human rights, especially for women and children. She hopes to use her Humphrey year to learn more about advocacy and facilitation so as to strengthen human rights awareness in Cameroon.

Susana Maria Giesecke Sara Lafaosse: Peru

Social Project Designer and Supervisor

She is one of the first National Conciliators of Peru with specialization in family, health and environmental issues. She has established a center for the prevention of family violence called Jacaranda. As a fellow she will focus on conflict management processes and facilitation skills for community involvement in environmental issues.

Xiaohong Zhang: China

Manager, China Research Company

She has studied insurance industries in Europe, New Zealand, Asia, Canada and the U.S, and is an associate of the Chartered Institute of Insurance in the United Kingdom. As a Humphrey fellow, she will focus on reinsurance program design, risk management, catastrophe protection and alternative risk transfer techniques within US insurance companies.

Hesham Fathi Ragab: Egypt

Judge, National Centre for Judicial Studies

Mr. Ragab is involved in many aspects of the NCJS. Among other activities, he develops commercial law programs for the entire Egyptian judiciary and develops training programs of the NCJS. During his Humphrey Year, he hopes to learn more about international trade law, intellectual property and E-commerce.

Fernando Antonio de Oliveira Batistuzzo: Brazil

Technical Advisor, Housing and Urban Development Company of the State of Sao Paulo

He has been formulating and implementing commercialization policies, especially designed for low income families for over 23 years. Currently he's designing subsidized commercialization and housing plans for low income elderly people. His focus as a Humphrey fellow will be on operational tools that enable NGO's to participate in the proposal and follow-up of housing programs.

Muhammed Tawfiq Ladan: Nigeria

Senior Law Lecturer, Ahmadu Bello University
Acting Director and Head of Research Department, National Human Rights Commission

He hopes to learn about the practices and theories of alternative dispute resolution and international human rights law during his stay in the U.S. he will use his experiences to create professional training programs and design community-based projects to meet the specific needs of hic country.

Paulina Celnick: Israel

Coordinator of ELEM-Youth at Risk Program, Tel Aviv University School of Social Work

She is involved in the assimilation and rehabilitation of at-risk immigrant youth into Israel from the former Soviet Union. She will use her Humphrey year to develop cross-cultural training skills, interact with professionals with similar interests and visit programs engaged in immigrant assimilation into the U.S.

Alberto Montbrun: Argentina

Professor of Constitutional law, Universidad Nacional de Cuyo
State Senator, Mendoza State Legislature

He has studied complexity and systems thinking and views it as an integrated approach to policy and decision making. He will spend his Humphrey year delving into the theory and application of systems thinking, which he hopes to integrate into the curriculum of the classes he teaches.

S Lont Mun: Myanmar/Burma

Coordinator for Rural Convention, Myanmar Baptist Convention

He is involved in the rural development in 16 regions of Burma (Myanmar). He is responsible for the empowerment of rural people and poverty alleviation through community development projects. He will focus on agriculture development, human resource management and education planning and training during his Humphrey year.

Lawerence Kwaku Lartey: Ghana

Principal Investigator, Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice

He will use his Humphrey year to better acquaint himself with human rights laws, alternative dispute resolution and systems and procedures for inquiries into discrimination and human rights violations in the U.S. he would like to do an in0depth research of human rights issues relating to women and children in order to raise awareness in Ghana.

Marwan Khamis Hammad: Palestinian National Authority

Director of Training, Government Computer Centre, Gaza

He is responsible for the technical training of all Palestinian Authority employees and officials. He is frequently required to make policy decisions and advise high level officials on technology policy. During his Humphrey Year, he will focus on technology policy and training which he hopes to will contribute to the economic and industrial development of his country.