2000-2001 Fellows

Mbora Andrianarimanana: Madagascar

Director of Publication and Editorialist, S.A

Mr. Andrianarimanana has written more than 100 articles on politics, economics and legal issues. He is also an expert consultant on law reform in Madagascar, and teaches communication law at the University of Antananarivo. During his Humphrey Year he would like to learn more about commercial and business law, and would also to teach research arbitration and the processes of alternative dispute resolution. 

Mr. Andrianarimanana holds advanced degrees in law, political science and public law from the University of Antananarivo.

Benedicto Roldan Bacani: Philippines

Vice President for Research, Extension and External Affairs, Notre Dame University

Mr. Bacani directs and coordinates all university activities related to research and extension, provides leadership in the areas of peace and development work. He would like to spend his Humphrey Year broadening his perspectives on issues of decentralization, autonomy and conflict management. He hopes to learn effective strategies for advocating genuine and meaningful autonomy in the Southern Philippines. 

Mr. Bacani has an advanced degree in law from Manuel L Quezon University.

Maria de Los Angeles Fernandez Ruiz: Mexico

Executive Director, Institute for Professional Development in Mexico City’s Attorney General’s Office

Ms. Fernandez organizes and coordinates all courses, workshops and training in the Institute. Her expertise lies in the fields of human rights, security, crime prevention and investigation. During her Fellowship Year she would like to focus on public policy and policy making so as to be better equipped to meet the challenges that Mexico as it opens to a new democracy. 

Ms. Fernandez has advanced degrees in political science and international relations from the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

Wenjie Fu: China

Deputy Director, Standing Committee for the National People’s Congress of China

Mr. Fu analyzes foreign legal systems, especially those of the West, and explores the ways they may be utilized in Chinese contexts. He would like to use his Humphrey Year to investigate the U.S legal system and how it works within the civil society. Mr. Fu is also planning to study legislative and judicial branches of the government, focusing on the rights and obligations that government officials have and how they perform their duties. 

Mr. Fu received his master’s degree from Beijing University’s School of Law.

Ferial B. Khalifa: Palestinian Authority

Academic Instructor, Ramallah Women’s Training Center

Ms. Khalifa teaches courses in sociology and social work in a women’s college administered by the United Nations Relief and Work Agency (UNRWA) for Palestinian refugees. Her major interest is in public policies and development issues with a focus on women. She would like to use this Fellowship Year to acquire the knowledge and program evaluation skills necessary to work as a consultant within the Palestinian public sector. 

Ms. Khalifa holds a master’s degree in Sociology from the University of Chicago.

Stella Kofie-Yariga: Ghana

Northern Region Program Officer, Action on Disability and Development

Ms. Kofie-Yariga works as an advocate for minority populations in Ghana including women, children and those with disabilities. She designs, implements and reports on programs that deal with human rights, non-profit leadership and management. She will focus her Humphrey Year on advocacy of civil and human rights as well as how the law can be used as a tool in social development. 

Ms.Kofie-Yariga has advanced degrees in education from the University of Ibadan in Nigeria.

Adnan Sabri Saad: Syria

Head, Oil Crops Research Department, Directorate of Agricultural Scientific Research

Mr. Saad determines and plans the annual research programs for oil crop research in Syria. He intends to spend his Humphrey Year familiarizing himself with the latest technology to improve production of oil crops and processing their products. Mr. Saad would like to learn how to manage research in order to carry out policies and strategies that the Syrian government implements to reduce its dependence on other countries. 

Mr. Saad has degrees in agriculture and plant breeding from the universities in Syria and Holland.

Mesut Senol: Turkey

Human Rights and International Organizations Adviser, National Security Council

Mr. Senol follows international human rights activity and prepares draft resolutions on developments that may affect Turkey’s national security. Mr. Senol has previously held other influential positions, including editor at the Directorate General of Press and Information, mayor and governor. He would like to spend his Humphrey Year investigating nonprofit organizations and civic initiatives in the United States. 

Mr. Senol has advanced degrees in public administration and public relations from the Institute of Public Administration for Turkey and the Middle East.

Clara Orock Tako: Cameroon

Senior Desk Officer, Department of Cooperation and Communication, National Social Insurance Fund (NSIF)

Ms. Tako supervises the collection, information and promotion of good public relations, and markets strategic organizational activities and policies of the NSIF. Ms Tako hopes to use her Humphrey Year to learn more about human resource management. She also plans to acquire computer skills so as to be better equipped to assist Cameroon in implementing the good governance program. 

Ms. Tako has an LLB (License) and a post-graduate diploma (Maitrise) in English Private Law from the University of Yaounde.