2001-2002 Fellows

Asefa Ashengo Agago: Ethiopia

Head of Disability Affairs Unit, Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs

Mr. Asefa designs, coordinates and monitors rehabilitation projects, programs and policies for persons with disabilities. He intends to spend his Humphrey year assessing effective rehabilitation services and devising suitable income generating activities. He hopes to utilize to develop and promote successful rehabilitation of persons with disabilities in Ethiopia. Mr. Asefa has a degree in applied sociology from Addis Ababa University and a diploma in Integrated Rural Regional Development Planning from the Development Study Center in Israel.

Benedicta Chiwokwu Agusiobo: Nigeria

Deputy Director of Research and Head of the Early Child Care Development and Education Department, Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council

Dr. Agusiobo initiates and executes viable proposals for the promotion of education. She develops curriculum and trains teachers in science and early childhood education. Her interests include education that ensures the child's best interests, maximizes development, is non-discriminatory, and recognizes the obligation of the state and of parents. During the Humphrey Year she will broaden her interests and knowledge of human rights, focusing on child rights. Dr. Agusiobo holds advanced degrees in education from the University of Lagos.

Ramon Guillermo Alfaro Gonzalez: Mexico

Technical Director: HECA, Empressarial SA de CV

Mr. Alfaro directs security evaluations and studies for government institutions and private industry. He is interested in law enforcement training, organized crime research, forensic sciences and the development of effective drug education and prevention programs within Mexico. He would like to spend his Humphrey Year visiting Law Enforcement agencies, institutions and communities, to observe management, training, community policing and drug deterrence programs. Mr. Alfaro has a graduate diploma from the FBI National Academy.

Samir Benmohamed: Algeria 

Director; Applied Economics and Management Laboratory; University of M' Sila  

Mr. Benmohamed works with small entrepreneurs to develop their homes and export markets.  His major interest isin the economic development of Algeria, with emphasis on the fields of marketing and management for small-scale industries. He would like to use his Fellowship Year to establish links with management professionals and identify strategies that can be adapted to industries in Algeria. Mr. Benmohamed has advanced degrees in marketing from the University of Strathclyde and the University of Algiers.

Igor G. Borisov: Turkmenistan

Manager and Consultant to the Minister of Energy and Industry, General Electric

Mr. Borisov assisted in directing the installation of a gas turbine at Buzrnein power plant. He recognizes the need for Turkmenistan to have power industry managers who are familiar with international developments. Mr. Borisov will spend his Humphrey Year studying management techniques and learning international standards within the power industry. He hopes to use his experience to help manage the introduction of new power technology into Turkmenistan. Mr. Borisov holds a diploma in electrical engineering from the Turkmen Polytechnical Institute.

Meeran Chadha Borwankar: India

Deputy Inspector General of Police, Central Bureau of Investigation

Ms. Borwankar entered the Indian Police Service in 198 1 and currently oversees investigations of economic crimes in western and southern India. During the Humphrey Year Ms. Borwankar plans to gain knowledge of policy formulation in law enforcement agencies with special reference to human rights, gender, minorities, economic offenses and rehabilitation of offenders. She is also interested in training and research aspects of law enforcement. Ms. Borwankar has an advanced degree in English literature from DAV College, Jullundur.

Kangho Lee: Korea

Assistant Secretary to the President for Policy and Planning

Mr. Lee coordinates presidential cabinet meetings and serves as a liaison officer between the presidential office and the national assembly. He is a founder of the Cyber Institute for the Korean Economy. Mr. Lee participated in the Korean Government negotiation team with the IMF during the 1997 financial crisis. He will focus his Humphrey year on government budget policy and business professional’s behavior. Mr. Lee holds an advanced degree in public policy and has completed doctoral coursework at Seoul National University.

Simon Mensah-Akollor: Ghana

Chief Controller, Investigations, Serious Fraud Office

Mr. Mensah-Akollor supervises investigations and evaluates cases of serious frauds and economic crimes against the state. He will be spending his Humphrey year increasing his knowledge and skills in investigations and prosecution of economic crimes. He hopes to gain a global perspective on trends in economic crime as well as an understanding of the systems used to combat such crimes. Mr. Mensah-Akollor has an advanced degree from the Ghana School of Law.

Rosalba Moreno: Panama

Chief Legal Advisor, Female Rehabilitation Centre, Ministry of Government and Justice

Ms. Moreno oversees legal advising of inmates, preparation of parole listing and work releases, and communicates with the General Attorney Office and Supreme Court regarding inmates. She is looking forward to studying law and legal procedures in the United States. During her Fellowship Program she hopes to enhance her knowledge of legal practices that are respectful of both offender and victim. Ms Moreno holds a degree in law and political science from the University of Santa Maria La Antigua.

Alpha Ndiaye: Senegal 

Technical Advisor, Ministry of Civil Service, Labor and Employment

Mr. Ndiaye represents the Ministry in affairs related to economic and financial matters. He will focus his Humphrey Year on observing the Social Security systemand private pensions in the United Stares. He hopes to augment his skills and knowledge with the goal of assisting in the reform of the Senegalese social security system and promoting the creation of private pension funds. Mr. Ndiaye has an advanced degree in finance from Colorado State University.

Antoninah Rita Njau: Kenya 

Project Director, Jesuit Refugee Service

Ms. Njau develops materials on peace building for urban refugees, aimed at personal growth and social connections amongst survivors of genocide and violence. For the Humphrey Year she would like to focus on non-violent conflict management, reconciliation and peace education. She hopes to use her newly acquired skills to help eliminate violence and assist in peace processes for refugees and internally displaced people. Ms. Njau holds an advanced degree in counseling psychology from the United States International University.

Liliana-Penaherrera Sanchez: Peru

Founder President, Sociedad Peruana de Sindrome Down and Editor, Consorcio de Investigacion Economica y Social

Ms Penaherrea founded an association for parents of children with Down Syndrome. Her interests are journalism and human rights for persons with disabilities. Ms. Penaherrera would like to spend her Fellowship Year studying journalism, educational leadership and family counseling. She hopes to gain knowledge about inclusive education, independent living and promoting change in public opinion as it relates to persons with Down Syndrome. Ms Penaherrera has earned an advance degree in history and civilization from Ecole des Hautes en Sciences Sociales in Paris.

Marie-Louise Strom: South Africa

Manager, Curriculum Development and Citizenship Education, Institute for Democracy in South Africa

Ms. Strom specializes in curriculum development with the aim of stimulating citizen participation in public life and policy development. Ms Strom would like to focus on development of citizen leadership during her Humphrey Year. She hopes to look at community organizing, the impact of policy reform on low income citizens, and community dialogue regarding policy issues. Ms. Strom holds advanced degrees from the University of Witwatersrand and University of the Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris III.

Irem Cosansu Yalazan: Turkey 

Social Worker, Social Services and Child Protection Agency

Ms. Cosansu Yalazan coordinates services of residential and day care rehabilitation institutions: monitors and completes licensing for private rehabilitation services; decides placement procedures for residential care; and contributes as a representative of the Agency to various committees related to social services for persons with disabilities. She would like to spend her Humphrey Year studying new approaches and techniques that may assist in the services she provides. Ms. Cosansu Yalazan holds an advanced degree from Hacettepe University and Istanbul Psychodrama Institute.