2002-2003 Fellows

Usama Khalifa Sayed Ahmed: Egypt

Research Lecturer, National Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries (NIOF)

Dr. Ahmed proposes, executes and supervises research projects related to fish biology, fisheries and fish population dynamics. He proposes fishing strategies based on scientific principles. During his Humphrey Year, he plans to study environmental science, management and implementation practices, simulation models, impact assessment methods, and economics. He hopes to improve the quality of fisheries management research in his country.

Dr. Ahmed holds a doctorate in Zoology (Ecology; Fisheries) from Cairo University.

Orly Alon: Israel

Manager of Employee Training, Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics

Ms. Alon supervises the development and training of workers at the Israeli CBS, where she has developed professional advancement and managerial skills programs as well as a model for recruiting and training new employees. During her Humphrey Year, Ms. Alon plans to develop her ability to influence change inside the Israeli Civil Service System through professional and managerial development and policy making. She is also a member of The Israeli Association for Organizational Development.

She holds a masters degree in sociology from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Habib Ammar: Tunisia

Adviser to the Ministry of Industry

Mr. Ammar prepares and tracks participation of the Ministry of Industry in the various councils of Ministers, chaired by the President of Tunisia. During his Humphrey Year, Mr. Ammar plans to update and expand his knowledge of the new international financial environment and better understand modern techniques and regulations needed to manage the financial risks that his country will face.

Mr. Ammar holds a degree from the Business School at the University of Paris Dauphine and a diploma in Public Administration from the Ecole Nationale d' Administration.

Carlos P. Buasen Jr: Philippines

Director of the National Commission on Indigenous People (NCIP)

Mr. Buasen directs the formulation and overall implementation of policies, plans and programs for NCIP. His duties focus particularly on the education, culture and health-related rights and welfare of the Filipino indigenous peoples. During his Humphrey Year, Mr. Buasen plans to focus on public administration and policies relevant to indigenous cultures and development.

Mr. Buasen holds two doctorate degrees, two masters' degrees, and a bachelor degree from various schools in the Philippines and the Australian National University of Canberra.

Bernado Creamer: Ecuador

Project Coordinator, Foundation for Science and Technology-FUNDACYT

Mr. Creamer evaluates, selects and monitors scientific investigations and technological research programs funded by his government. During his Humphrey Year, Mr Creamer plans to concentrate on the management of technology with an emphasis on the key aspects for increasing competiveness and productivity, the process of innovation in enterprises and new markets, and the application of information.

Mr. Creamer holds a masters degree in enterprise management from Escuela Politecnica Nacional in Quito, Ecuador and a master's in architectural engineering from Osaka University, Japan.

Tamer Raymond Fahim Iskandar: Egypt

Judge, Ministry of Justice, North Cairo Court

Mr. Iskandar is a judge in Egypt where he works in all branches of the law. After gaining five years of experience, he will choose to specialize in one or two branches of these branches. Before becoming a judge, Mr. Iskander was a public prosecutor. During his Humphrey year, Mr. Iskander plans to advance his education by completing studies in international law and in the fields of human rights and international commercial law, from both theoretical and practical perspectives.

Mr. Iskandar holds a degree in private law and most recently attended Ain-Shams University in Cairo Egypt.

Thompson Aye Goody Ivory: Nigeria

Principal Partner, TAG Ivory and Company Barristers and Solicitors

Mr. Ivory directs and coordinates the legal staff of his law firm. He is responsible for the survival and growth of the firm through effective and efficient legal services. During his Humphrey Year, Mr. Ivory plans to study human rights and to become involved in seminars designed to create an expedited justice delivery system through the ordinary courts of the land.

Mr. Ivory holds a degree in law from the University of Nigeria and a professional qualification from the Nigerian Law School that entitles him to practice as a barrister and solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria.

Muhammad Humair Khan: Pakistan

Deputy Commissioner, District Management Group (DMG), Civil Service of Pakistan

Mr. Karim is responsible for the district's overall administration/management, its development activities, financial planning, analysis and budgeting. During his Humphrey Year, Mr. Karim plans to improve his skills in the areas of finance and banking, which will equip him to face the challenges of financial policy making for Pakistan.

Mr. Karim holds a masters degree in management Science from the University of Warwick in the United Kingdom, as well as a Master of Business Administration degree from the Institute of Business administration in Karachi, Pakistan.

Penelope-Ann Mamattah: Ghana

Attorney General's Department, Principal State Attorney, Ministry of Justice

Ms. Mamattah initiates and conducts the prosecution of criminal cases before the courts of Ghana. She regularly works on domestic and international legal issues, as well as representing the state in criminal appeals. During her Humphrey Year, she plans to organize literacy programs using seminars, workshops, and training courses in order to help empower women. Upon returning to her country, she plans to disseminate her research findings in order to fight domestic violence.

Ms. Mamattah holds degree in law from the Ghana School of la, Accra as well as the University of Ghana.

Ilihom Miliyev: Uzbekistan

President, Association "Harmony XXI AGE"; Director General, "Techno-Tour", a private company; Manager-Coordinator, Association of Art Painters, "SANAT"

Mr. Miliyev presides over the NGO he created, Harmony XXI Age, which assists people with disabilities and promotes peace. To help fund his NGO, Mr. Miliyev runs a private company, which specializes in tourism and management. During his Humphrey Year, Mr. Miliyev runs a private company, which specializes in tourism and management. During his Humphrey Year, Mr. Miliyev plans to become involved with local NGOs and to learn more about fund raising and management.

Mr. Miliyev holds several degrees, including degree in literature and linguistics from Samarkand State University and a degree in psychology from Samarkand State Medical School.

Mahamadou Ouhoumoudou: Niger

Consultants, Conseil Africain pour le Developpment Economique et la Gestian (CADEG)

He manages the studies carried out by the CADEG office in the field of management of private organizations. During his Humphrey Year, he plans to combine academic courses, conferences and training in the areas of administration and policy analysis. He will contact American and international institutions concerned with democracy, good governance, and economic development.

Mr. Ouhoumoudou holds degrees in accounting, management, and economics from several universities in France and Togo.

Rachid Sadouk: Morocco

Deputy Public Prosecutor, Ministry of Justice

Mr. Sadouk administers interrogations of persons kept in police custody before bringing them before the court of Morocco. During his Humphrey Year, he plans to undertake theoretical academic training on the imperatives of economic development and the participation of justice as a law enforcement system. In addition, he hopes to do fieldwork in a court serving in an office of a public prosecutor or in an institution that prosecutes economic crimes.

Mr. Sadouk holds a degree in law from Hassan II University in Casablanca, Moscow.

Valentina Petrovana Chostak: Russia

Head of the MATR law firm, Chairperson of Saratov Region Bar Association

She administers and supervises the staff activities of MATR. Her main priorities are to strengthen the legal system, to protect human rights, and to protect legal interests of people and organizations. During her Humphrey Year, she plans to study organizational forms of advocates' activities through organizations such as the U.S Bar Association, as well as organizations that protect human rights.

Ms. Chostak holds a degree in law from the International Professional School in Saratov, where she studied the European Court and protection of human rights.

Bryan Patrick St. George Sykes: Jamaica

Senior Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions, Government of Jamaica

Mr. Skyes advises the police on in complex white collar crimes, reviews and recommends changes to laws, and represents the Government of Jamaica in international activities. During his Humphrey Year, Mr. Sykes plans to study financial investigations, traditional policing methods, as well as obtaining a greater understanding of the impact of organized crime on society. He hopes to become a leading expert in organized white collar crime in Jamaica and the Caribbean.

Mr. Skyes holds two degree from two different universities and a certificate in legal education.

Waceke Wachira: Kenya

Program Officer, Centre for Governance and Development

Ms. Wachira manages the civic education program in her country, including the implementation of program activities, the monitoring and evaluation of their impact, and the preparation of reports from donor partners. During her Humphrey Year, she plans to study law, civil society, human rights, and democratic development, with an emphasis on community empowerment.

Ms. Wachira holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in sociology and economics, an accounting certificate, and has studied NGO management at the Akademie Klausenhof in Germany.