2003-2004 Fellows

  • 2003-2004 Fellows

1A.K.M. Mustaque Ali, Bangladesh

Executive Director, INCIDIN Bangladesh

Mr. Ali is an executive director of INCIDIN Bangladesh, a nonprofit research and advocacy organization. He plans, manages, and monitors developmental projects that improve the human rights of children who are living on the streets, victims of sexual abuse, and/or survivors of trafficking. During his Humphrey year, Mr. Ali will study laws and policies that focus on the promotion and protection of human rights. Mr. Ali holds bachelor's and master's degrees in social science from the University of Dhaka.


2Virgilio Ramos de los Reyes, Philippines

Senior Partner, Moncupa, de los Reyes, Amorin Law Office
Associate, Center for Agrarian Reform and Rural Development

Mr. de los Reyes specializes in civil litigation and corporate law, agrarian law, land use law, and intellectual property law. He was formerly the undersecretary for policy and planning and legal affairs of the Department of Agrarian Reform and vice-chairperson of the Department of Agrarian Reform Adjudication Board. During his Humphrey year, Mr. de los Reyes will study international economic law and human rights, with a particular focus on agriculture. He holds a bachelor's of science in business administration and bachelor's of law from the University of the Philippines at Quezon City

3Leon Arlington Dundas, Jamaica

Senior Inspector, Standards and Procedures, Ministry of National Security

Mr. Dundas collaborates in the development of policies and operational standards for the Department of Correctional Services and is responsible for monitoring correctional centers. During his Humphrey year, he will investigate the use of state-led and communitydriven approaches to reducing crime and violence, as well as strategies for enhancing the accountability of state security forces in a civil society. Mr. Dundas currently holds bachelor's and master's degrees in theological studies, a diploma in public administration, and several other professional certificates.

9Aramayis Khachatyran, Armenia

Deputy Head of the Department on Bankruptcy Cases, Ministry of Justice

Mr. Khachatyran is a specialist in the field of bankruptcy law in Armenia and contributed to drafting Armenia's new "Law on Bankruptcy" and several bylaws. He also prepares and provides special training for administrators on bankruptcy cases. During his Humphrey year, Mr. Khachatyran will study American law provisions in the field of bankruptcy, as well as establish contacts with both judges and bankruptcy administrators. Mr. Khachatyran has received diplomas in both oriental studies and law from Yerevan State University.

7Muhammad Idrees Khan, Pakistan

Section Officer, Government of North West Frontier Province

As Section Officer for the Police Department, Mr. Khan's responsibilities include oversight of all aspects of the department, including policy reform and implementation, personnel, internal and external complaint interpretation, and application of relevant rules and regulations. During his Humphrey year, Mr. Khan will study public administration with an emphasis on leadership, bureaucracy, and local government, and their relationship to social services. Mr. Khan holds bachelor's degrees in civic Islamic society and in political science. He holds two master's degrees in Pakistani studies from Quaid-e-Azam, University Islamabad.

6Su Sang Kim, Republic of Korea

Deputy Director in Transportation Policy, Ministry of Construction and Transportation

Mr. Kim works on transportation plans and coordinates transportation policies in Korea. He currently is working to establish a new vision for transportation systems that will support economic development and fulfill the basic needs of citizens. During his Humphrey year, Mr. Kim will focus on a cost/benefit analysis of the establishment and infrastructure of national transportation plans. Mr. Kim holds a bachelor's degree in economics from Seoul National University and has completed courses in public policy.

10Toni Caroline Pierre, Trinidad and Tobago


Ms. Pierre is an advocate and instructing attorney-of-law in private practice. During her Humphrey year, Ms. Pierre will study alternative dispute resolution methods, such as mediation, negotiation, and conflict management. Ms. Pierre holds an LL.B. in Law from the University of the West Indies, a legal education certificate from Hugh Wooding Law School, West Indies, and has completed coursework in management at the University of the West Indies.

12Mounir Romdhani, Tunisia

Public Auditor and Director, Office of the Prime Minister

Mr. Romdhani is responsible for auditing public institutions and corporations dealing with the energy sector, including organization and information systems, financial diagnosis, public purchasing, human resources management, and privatization policy. During his Humphrey year, Mr. Romdhani will study public administration and management to improve his skills in the areas of auditing, financial diagnosis, evaluation of policies, and organizational problems. Mr. Romdhani holds a bachelor's degree in business studies from L'Institut des Hautes Etudes Commerciales in Tunis. He also holds a master's degree in public administration from L'Ecole Nationale d'Administration in Tunis.

1Miroslava Sekaric, Serbia and Montenegro

Senior Advisor, Service for Organization and Position of the Administrative Organs

Ms. Sekaric is responsible for affairs related to structure, function, and organization for federal offices and organizations. She is also responsible for labor relations for federal employees. During her Humphrey year, Ms. Sekaric will study public administration and organizational design and change. Ms. Sekaric holds a bachelor's degree in law from Belgrade University and certificates in public service and public administration.

1Matilda Elizabeth Williams, Sierra Leone

Deputy Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation

Ms. Williams develops policies and strategies for the enhancement of economic and cultural relations with international organizations and other countries. During her Humphrey year, Ms. Williams will study the formulation, analysis and implementation of public policy, foreign policy, international affairs and good governance practices. Ms. Williams holds a master's degree in general psychology from Sofia University, Bulgaria, and certificates in diplomacy, management, and civil service.

1Yixin Yao, People's Republic of China

Chief Staff Member, Ministry of Finance

Dr. Yao is responsible for macro-economic analysis, fiscal and taxation policy research, public affairs management, and preparation of speeches and press conferences for the Minister and Vice Ministers. During her Humphrey year, Dr. Yao plans to study the fields of finance and banking, with emphasis on the organizational structure of the American government expenditure system. Dr. Yao holds a bachelor's and a master's degree in law from Peking University, Beijing, and a Ph.D. in economics from Lanzhou University, China.

1Brahim Zaim, Morocco

First President of the Court of Appeal of Marrakesh, Ministry of Justice and Assistant Secretary of the Association of Moroccan Judges

Mr. Zaim supervises, monitors, and evaluates the work of judges in the Court of Appeals. During his Humphrey year, Mr. Zaim will enrich his knowledge of the American judiciary system, with a focus on alternative dispute resolution. He will establish relationships with American counterparts in this field. Mr. Zaim holds a bachelor's degree in law from Mohamed University, Rabat, and a magistrate diploma in law from the Institute of Judicial Studies, Rabat. Mr. Zaim also is the author of several books and research studies related to his area of study.