2005-2006 Fellows

2005-2006 Fellows

Hubert H. Humphrey International Fellows

Jorge Luis Caceres: Peru

jorgeMr. Caceres is the director of the National Conciliation School and Technical Conciliation Secretary of the Ministry of Justice. He holds master's degrees in civil law and social management and a bachelor's of law. He has served in a variety of positions relating to workers' rights in both private law firms and Peruvian government ministries. During his Humphrey year, he will be working to develop a conflict resolution model, especially between mining companies and the surrounding communities.

Sadanand Date: India

sadanandMr. Date is an officer of Indian Police Service and deputy inspector general of police in the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). He holds a Doctorate from Pune University, a master's degree in commerce, and is a qualified cost and management accountant. In his 14-year policing career, Mr. Date has held several important posts in state and national police organizations. During his Humphrey fellowship year, Mr. Date will study the theoretical and practical aspects of controlling white-collar and organized crime in the United States.

Fatimata Moroh Diakité: Niger

fatimataMs. Diakité is in charge of documentation and legal information for the secretary general of government in the Prime Minister's office and is currently developing a legal database for Niger. As an active member of the Association of the Women Lawyers of Niger and RIDD FITILA (a women's rights NGO), she conducts training and sensitizing of rural women on their rights. She holds a master's degree in data processing. During her Humphrey Fellowship year, she will study information technologies, especially in the development of national strategies which use environmental protection to alleviate poverty in Africa.

Sarath Jayamanne: Sri Lanka

sarathMr. Jayamanne is an attorney at law and currently serves as the senior public prosecutor attached to the Attorney General's Office in Sri Lanka. He is also a visiting evidentiary law lecturer at the Sri Lanka Law College and the University of Colombo. Mr. Jayamanne has a master's degree in criminology and criminal justice, a degree in applied science, a diploma in forensic medicine, and a law degree. His main objective during the year will be to familiarize himself with the latest investigative and prosecution techniques of the U.S. justice system.

Sanjay Kundu: India

sanjayMr. Kundu is an Indian Police Service Officer and serves as deputy inspector general in the Ministry of Home Affairs. He is responsible for international engagements, border management, and trans-border crimes. He holds a bachelor's degree in engineering, a masters degree and a master's degree in police sciences. During this Humphrey year, he will focus on human rights, public policy, leadership and management and their relation to law enforcement and national security.

Putheara Lay: Cambodia

puthearaMr. Lay is deputy director of the Protection of Juvenile Justice, a non-governmental organization dedicated to providing legal assistance that includes counseling, representation, and defense in court to both child victims and child offenders in the areas of trafficking and abuse. He holds degrees in business administration and economics. During his Humphrey year in the United States, he will focus on human resource management, legal aspects of policy development and implementation, and social and economic development issues.

Alexandra (Myra) Medina: Philippines

 alexandraMs. Medina comes from Mindanao, which is the most resource-rich yet economically poorest region in the Philippines. She is the deputy team leader for education and governance of the USAID-funded Growth with Equity in Mindanao Program, for which she manages a congressional internship program for young Muslim leaders, and supervises its education awareness and support efforts. Ms. Medina has been involved in development work in Mindanao for the past twelve years. During her Humphrey Year, she will focus on education policy and planning, and on enhancing her skills in non-profit leadership and management.

Rattana Nontapattamadul: Thailand

rattanaMs. Nontapattamadul is a social development worker for the Bureau of Anti-Trafficking in Women and Children for the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security in Thailand. She is responsible for providing welfare protection and assistance for trafficked persons, as well as for promoting cooperation among concerned agencies to combat human trafficking. Ms. Nontapattamadul holds degrees in history and social work. During her Humphrey year, she will focus on combating human trafficking in the areas of capacity building, international protection of human rights, gender as a basis of policy and plan formulation, and the provision of social service for victims of trafficking. 

Sharad Chandra Paudel: Nepal

sharadMr. Paudel is a career civil servant with more than two decades of service to the Nepalese government. He has served as a chief law enforcement officer in six administrative districts, and as undersecretary with the Ministry of Home Affairs in charge of the planning and monitoring section of the Ministry. He holds a master's degree in public administration, and has twice been honored by the King of Nepal. During his Humphrey year, he will focus on the social, political, and economic dimensions of human rights and its practical manifestations.

Dragan Paunovic: Serbia and Montenegro

draganMr. Paunovic is the chief of the Raska district police department in Kraljevo City where he was responsible for the security and cooperation between the district representatives of municipalities and educational institutions. Mr. Paunovic has been twice honored by the Minister for his work in combating organized crime. He holds a law degree and master's degree in political science. During his Humphrey year, he will concentrate on U.S. security policies systems.

Adriana Rizzotto: Brazil

adrianaMs. Adriana Rizzotto is a federal judge from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where she has jurisdiction over both criminal and civil matters. Judge Rizzotto has worked as a civil attorney and served as a pro bono lawyer for eight years before joining the Federal Bench, in January 2000. Her research agenda focuses primarily on how intellectual property law responds to new technologies, with emphasis on developments of the fair use doctrine, cyberlaw, biotechnology patents and major law enforcement issues. During her Humphrey year, Judge Rizzotto will also conduct research on issues of sustainable economic development and intellectual property law educational programs currently run in the United States.

Chittaphone Santavasy: Laos

chittaphoneMs. Chittaphone Santavasy works with Save the Children UK in Laos and is involved in research projects and advocacy for children's rights. She is the project manager for the Lao component of Save the Children UK Cross-border Community-based Initiatives Against Trafficking in Children in the Mekong Sub-Region. She coordinates and provides technical support to the project; including acting as liaison with government ministries, international organizations, and civil society organizations. Ms. Santavasy holds a master's degree in development studies from the University of East Anglia, UK. During her Humphrey year, she will focus on children's participation in prevention and policy development related to child protection and human trafficking. 

Sonam Topgay: Bhutan

sonamMr. Topgay serves as the director of the Department of Civil Registration and Census in the Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs where he is responsible for conducting the census and issuance of citizenship identity cards. He holds degrees in political science and public administration. His primary focus this year is on policy analysis relating to decentralization and good governance, public management, and leadership. He is also interested in the management of civil registration and census affairs in the U.S.

Truong Duc Tung: Viet Nam

truongMr. Tung is a national project coordinator for the Vietnamese component of the International Labor Organization Mekong Sub-Regional Project to Combat Trafficking in Children and Women. He is responsible for the general management of the project in close collaboration with government ministries, international organizations, and civil society organizations. He holds a master's degree in economics and management of rural. During his Humphrey year, Mr. Tung will focus on developing policies and practices to prevent human trafficking. 

Florien Ukizemwabo: Rwanda

florienMr. Ukizemwabo is the executive secretary of the Rwandan League for the Promotion and Defence of Human Rights (LIPRODHOR), one of the major human rights NGOs in Rwanda. He is responsible for the successful implementation of the organisation's programs dedicated to the protection and promotion of human rights. Mr. Ukizemwabo holds a degree in journalism and has worked as journalist and human rights activist in Rwanda for 10 years. Mr. Ukizemwabo's concentration is on human rights advocacy for the peaceful and democratic transformation of the Rwandan society.

Youping Zhang: China

youpingMr. Zhang is a prosecutor from the Supreme People's Procuratorate (SPP) in the People's Republic of. China. He is responsible for overseas training programs of prosecutors and comparative legal research between China and the international community. He holds a bachelor's and master's degree in international economic law. During his Humphrey year, Mr. Zhang will focus on international financial law and the legal profession in the United States.